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Thank you for joining me here. This blog is a story of transformation. There are many things that I would like to share, some may even resonate. Please do not hesitate to share here as well.
Enjoy your visit.
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Brad!!!

It's been a bit busy here. We have a new member of the family. Wyatt is an almost 3 month old Schnoodle puppy. He's sweet and smart and quite active. Since this is our first dog ever we are learning as we go. As far as training, Wyatt is doing a great job training us. It's also been interesting trying to acclimate our 2 parrots to the puppy. They have been climbing off of their play perch and trying to chase him around the room.
Also, Cheryl and I have a few pieces each of our art currently being exhibited in a gallery "Arts Unbound" which works only with individuals who are physically, mentally and or emotionally challenged. It's a wonderful group located in Orange, New Jersey. If you are in the neighborhood stop by and see their summer exhibit. They also offer classes for challenged individuals and the staff could not be nicer.
I have been doing some drawing again and will post some pics soon. Wyatt and the birds try to help so it's been quite interesting.
Today we are off to see my daughter in Manhattan to help celebrate her birthday. It is the first time we are visiting with Wyatt so it should be interesting. Anyway, time to take the puppy out, again.
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Friday, June 5, 2009


It's been a rainy few days but in between the drops I got to play with my new camera. The love of my life bought me a Nikon D60 with 2 lenses. I've been having a lot of trouble with my "bad" hand so drawing and my art have suffered for it. This camera is a wonderful way for me to express myself. I took a walk around the local duck pond and thus you can see the feathered wonders. The duck was a riot. He came right up to me and let me take lots of picks as if he was posing. He took some crumbs from my fingers as if he was domesticated and basically acted like a puppy sans the petting. The goose just looked at me and posed as well. Pretty cool. So now wherever I go, the camera goes. I have been meeting some very interesting folks as well but that's a whole other blog entry. Enjoy your weekend and lookout for the "quackers". Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Shop Is Open!

Our Cafe Press Shop is now up an running thanks to the MAGNIFICENT MS. CHERYL! I am pretty useless with computereze aspect of the store. I can help to make art to fill it but can't seem to do the loading yet. Cheryl has been VERY patient with me and I do appreciate it. The link is to the right so please stop by and let us know what you think. We will be posting lots more images soon.
It's been a very strange week. I think that Monday threw me off more than usual. Saturday the "kids" came by with a bunch of my daughter's friends and grilled and had a great time. They also surprised me with a birthday cake, flowers and a wonderful music card. It was a lot of fun.
I finally got the upside down tomato plant and planter situated. It turned into much more of a project than originally anticipated. S just keeps walking around the house shaking his head and saying how it's just not natural for tomatos to grow upside down. That they have done fine growing upright forever. We'll just have to see.
Been working on a vision board. Cheryl came by today and we each created one. Will try to post pics soon.
And on that note, have a wonderful weekend.
As always, I wish you peach, love & lots of joy...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Just wanted to wish everyone an enjoyable weekend. This holiday has taken on a special meaning to me this year as I have a member of my immediate family over in Iraq. As much as I look forward to the gatherings there is never a day when I don't think about Fred who is 20 years old and overseas. Despite your feelings about the war, I believe with my whole heart that we need to at least remember those who are serving as well as those who have passed. So, this weekend perhaps you will raise your glass (or can) and toast our loved ones wherever they may be. And on that note I wish you PEACE, love & lots of joy...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Impromptu Beach Trip

Okay, so today I was feeling really ouchy and barely made it to meet Cheryl to work on the site, etsy, etc. It was so gorgeous out that when she asked "Do you want to go to the beach?" she didn't even get a chance to hit the last syllable. As bad as I was feeling there is not too much that can keep me from the sand and surf. In no time we were cruising down the parkway with the sunroof open (pseudo convertible),windows down and music blaring like two teenagers.
We didn't have much time but enough to do some walking and snapping of a few photos.
Just tell me one thing, how do the "kids" take photos of themselves with their cameras?
Note my attempt.
Wishing you peace, love, lots of joy & sand between your toes...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Journal Pages

I hope that everyone had a nice Tuesday. The weather has been beautiful here today although I didn't take advantage of it as much as I should have. Tomorrow Cheryl and I are planning a photo expedition to a local reserve. Hopefully the weather will be as kind to us.
Here are some journal pages that I did a while back but would like to share.
Remember, comments are really welcome!
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Monday, May 18, 2009


Happy Monday. These are some photos of my daughter and her team yesterday during the AIDS Walk in NYC. They were nice enough to pose for mom to show my art work on the back of the shirts. They all made it to the finish line and raised quite a bit of money.
Hope that you have a good evening and a terrific Tuesday.
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Sunday, May 17, 2009


THE WEBSITE IS UP!!! Thanks to Ms. Cheryl we are up and available for your viewing. Also MandalaMamas, our Etsy shop is the only shop. We have closed clwulfers shop on Etsy and hopefully tomorrow we will be loading more items onto the MandalaMamas site. PLEASE let me know what you think. All suggestions are welcome.
Today is the big Aids walk in NYC. My daughter and her team are walking. I haven't heard anything from her yet but she was very excited when I spoke to her last night and I am so proud of everyone who has made such a wonderful effort for this great cause. Hopefully I'll have some photos to post from the walk soon.
My son comes home from school in two days so I should have everyone around for the weekend. I am SO very much looking forward to it.
Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and please visit the new site (link to the right) and leave comments. Thanks so much!
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Creative Day

So it was a beautifully creative day here. I've decided that on my really hurting days that I would do art other than drawing as I have also been itching to do some spray painted layered work. There is a huge circular canvas that has been sitting sealed and untouched for a very long while in the garage. I have been totally inspired by artist Alisa Burke. There is a link to her site so please go see her art. She does fabulous work and today quit her day job to become a full time artist. Congrats Alisa! But anyway, now to get back on track. Aside from being a sweetheart I have been absorbed in her book that she so generously sent me. So today I went "apainting". I sprayed the first layer of the canvas and also did some backgrounds for some smaller art pieces. It was so freeing to just go to it. I love the mandalas and drawing that I do, but it was a nice change to work with so much color on a much larger scale. I will post pics as I progress.
It looks like our website will be a bit more delayed. Cheryl is working her butt off and wants it to be awesome so when it is up and running I will post it here. I haven't even seen what she's been up to. I've just been giving her things to post and doing some writing but the woman is amazing and I think that she's going to have to sneak me a peek before I burst from anticipation.
Anyway, I hope that you and yours have a terrific weekend. Take some time to really take notice of the beauty that is all around us. I know that it sounds cliche' but it works wonders for me. Don't forget to breathe.
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some New Art Work

As promised here are some pics of my newer work. One is a journal layout and the others are some drawings. More to come.
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Some New Art Work

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Birdy Boys

The orange feathered friend is Pinot. His "brother" is Mookie. They are my birdy boys. Pinot is my creative sidekick. He sits on my shoulder most of the time while I "art". He adds his creative input by screaming "OKAY" in my ear at varied intervals. He also is fascinated with paint and tries to eat it which makes it quite the challenge for the two of us to "work" together. Pinot is a Sun Conure.

Mookie is a rescued Red Belly parrot. He was abused and neglected so we have been rehabbing him. He doesn't like to be personally involved in my art process so he watches me from his play stand and talks periodically. His limited vocabulary makes life interesting , for example his continuous stream of "Hi!".

Anyway, these are the two that have kept me company through my physical rehabbing and who share my creative process and my heart.

There has been a slight delay, but the new site should be up by this Monday. Cheryl is doing an AWESOME job on it.

Hope that you had a good Tuesday.
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Full Moon

Have you ever noticed how the full moon, which was yesterday, really does strange things to people? I never used to believe that, but since working with my special needs students, I never again have doubted it.
Yesterday was our big fund raising yard sale at the fellowship. What a day. It drew quite a few folks and I think that we did pretty well for our first attempt but I would not schedule the next one during the full moon. People get nuts. Usually kids a are more sensitive but anyone can be effected. Imagine telling a group of people that it costs $1.00 for a brown grocery bag that they can fill with whatever they like. Again I am saying $1.00 for a bag full of "stuff". The bedlam, the craziness, and the volume. Now picture this on a day when things may be a bit more out of whack due to the beautiful huge full moon. Our congregation is awesome and I cannot say enough about how beautifully they handled everything. Nobody lost "it" and everyone kept smiling. I just think that it might make things just a wee bit easier if we hold it on a day when the night sky is not quite as bright.
Hope that you and yours have had a wonderful Mother's Day.
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Almost Up

As you can see there are now links to our website and etsy shop. (Thanks Cheryl!!!) Cheryl's art is there currently as I am joining her existing sites and mine will be added by Monday. I am really excited about this.
My daughter is doing the AIDS walk in New York in a couple of weeks. She has her own team with quite a few people. I created a design for the shirts that they will be wearing. I will post a photo of the team wearing them which will be much more fun than posting the actual design. So Brad, and I know that you are reading this, I do want pics. Love you. But seriously I am extremely flattered that they like my design. Of course, not solely because this is a cause near and dear to our family, but those of you who would like to contribute or sponsor a walker or even walk yourself, please leave a comment and I will respond and get the info to you. Thank you in advance.
It's late right so so I hope that this is a somewhat literate post. We are having a huge yard sale at the Unitarian Fellowship to raise money for outreach programs, the battered woman's shelter and the animal shelter. It is a major event and I have been trying to help as much as I possibly can.
I really hope that this post does not sound like multiple advertisements. It is not meant to. Those of you who know my family know that we are still trying to save the world. We just have to scale down a bit.
Full moon tomorrow. Enjoy.
Wishing you peace, love and much joy...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mandala Mayhem

Today was busy, filled with mandalas and computers. My awesome friend and partner in our soon to be website and creative venture Cheryl and I were busy trying to do all things related to getting us up and going.
Now, a bit about Cheryl, she is a computer whiz. I am basically computer illiterate. I can copy, paste, email and maybe one or two other things but that's just about it. Ever since I started this blog I have been trying to get it to resemble some of the other blogs in their beauty and wealth of information and links. No can do. I have a couple of friends (thank you Kelli & Kim!) who talked me through the basics but that's as far as I've gotten. Anyway, sorry to have wandered but Cheryl is great. She has scanned all of our work and will have it up on the site most likely over the weekend. I, on the other hand, have spent endless hours at Office Depot and now have customers asking me for help at the copy center. I will let you all know when the site is up. I might even be able to be talked through adding a link to it here. Ok, no laughing...
Cheryl and I met quite by accident. I went into Starbucks for a coffee and as I walked through the store I saw this woman drawing mandalas at a table. I pretty much had to pick my jaw up off the floor and get my bearings before I walked into the person in front of me. I had been drawing mandalas for months and actually had my portfolio with me planning to do some "arting" myself. Ok, so now I'm wondering as I'm still trying to adjust my jaw, should I approach her. I figured I would dwell on it while my coffee was being made and of course, there was nobody on line and I had no time to think. I took my hot brew and walked over and introduced myself. I asked her if she minded if I sat and chatted for a bit and it was as if I had met my twin sister from another life. Scary! We had both been creating mandalas as a healing outlet. We were dealing with life altering events and new "journeys" and besides the mandalas, had major things in common (except our computer skills).
We became close friends just about immediately and have "clicked" ever since. I will try to post some of her work here as well but you will be able to see it on our site. Cheryl has two other wonderful websites that I'll link (hopefully) as well. Anyway, the moral of this story is that you are exactly where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. The Universe makes sure of it. Until next time. Peace, love and lots of joy...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Back!

When I realized that it's been quite some time since my last post I decided that I better get my act together. The 2 year anniversary of my accident just passed and major changes and events have happened during that time. I was literally thrown into a new life. I will be posting some new work shortly as well as a link to my new website and Etsy shop. I will update all of you who are interested in the goings on and the ongoings and will attempt to be consistent in my posting. Just a few things to fill you in on meanwhile, I have achieved one major goal of becoming a Reiki Master. My artwork has totally changed and I have been doing mostly pen and ink work. It's basically rehabbing my hand as well as my head. I have met some awesome people who have really helped me progress in my journey. I have been trying to be much more aware of the signs that the Universe is providing and this has proved extremely interesting. I also realize that if I ignore them I get a good kick in the butt so it's taken a while but I finally got it. On that note, I will organize and post some pics as well as update you soon. Thanks for stopping by and being so patient. Wishing you peace, love & joy...