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Friday, February 29, 2008

Just do it!

I am finally doing it. Yes, it's way past overdue. Have been wanting this for a long time. Ok, ok... WELCOME TO MY BLOG! As I am pretty much technologically challenged I have always been extremely envious of those who could manifest these amazing blogs. I really don't know how this will eventually turn out but I will give it my best shot. A bit about me, I'm a multimedia artist. I have worked in jewelry design and creation, been a potter and teacher of the molding of the mud and have painted anything that wasn't tied down (and maybe then some too). Due to some life altering events I am now on to a different form of expression. I have been art journaling, bookmaking (nope, not the gambling kind), collaging and working with fibers. Today I went one step farther and bought a sewing machine. If I can figure out how it works I'm sure that there will be lots of new creative experiences. I am the mom of 2 awesome college students, the birdie "mom" of 2 baby parrots, and an art teacher which keeps us all in human food and bird seed. I hope to share my art, thoughts, creative endeavors and anything else that comes up. Because I don't want to keep going on in my first post about me, me, me I will end this here. Please stop by again to view my photos ( if I can figure how to post those as well) and ramblings. Hopefully, some will make you smile. Until next time-peace , joy & love