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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Birdy Boys

The orange feathered friend is Pinot. His "brother" is Mookie. They are my birdy boys. Pinot is my creative sidekick. He sits on my shoulder most of the time while I "art". He adds his creative input by screaming "OKAY" in my ear at varied intervals. He also is fascinated with paint and tries to eat it which makes it quite the challenge for the two of us to "work" together. Pinot is a Sun Conure.

Mookie is a rescued Red Belly parrot. He was abused and neglected so we have been rehabbing him. He doesn't like to be personally involved in my art process so he watches me from his play stand and talks periodically. His limited vocabulary makes life interesting , for example his continuous stream of "Hi!".

Anyway, these are the two that have kept me company through my physical rehabbing and who share my creative process and my heart.

There has been a slight delay, but the new site should be up by this Monday. Cheryl is doing an AWESOME job on it.

Hope that you had a good Tuesday.
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

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