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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Full Moon

Have you ever noticed how the full moon, which was yesterday, really does strange things to people? I never used to believe that, but since working with my special needs students, I never again have doubted it.
Yesterday was our big fund raising yard sale at the fellowship. What a day. It drew quite a few folks and I think that we did pretty well for our first attempt but I would not schedule the next one during the full moon. People get nuts. Usually kids a are more sensitive but anyone can be effected. Imagine telling a group of people that it costs $1.00 for a brown grocery bag that they can fill with whatever they like. Again I am saying $1.00 for a bag full of "stuff". The bedlam, the craziness, and the volume. Now picture this on a day when things may be a bit more out of whack due to the beautiful huge full moon. Our congregation is awesome and I cannot say enough about how beautifully they handled everything. Nobody lost "it" and everyone kept smiling. I just think that it might make things just a wee bit easier if we hold it on a day when the night sky is not quite as bright.
Hope that you and yours have had a wonderful Mother's Day.
Wishing you peace, love & lots of joy...

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